Extraordinary Circumstances

Sometimes we wait for something to happen that will shake us up. I know people that expect something outside of them to come into their lives and then everything will happen. That has never never never been my experience.

Here is the truth. Things will happen when you walk toward them. You have to buy the ticket to Europe, you have to quit your job, you have to jump into the water.  If you wait for someone or something to push you in – being fired, becoming ill, or some other difficulty that brings change – it will never never never be the best thing.

Your best time is when you have to use COURAGE to do something different. Courage makes its own space for  extraordinary things to happen.  And the moment you say, “I can’t do it now because…” you stick yourself in the dreaded wasting-time pattern.

You are not getting younger, stronger, smarter, or better by being in a holding pattern. You are wasting fuel. Go forth and do great things today right now right this minute!


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