The new Studio

I was painting my new studio yesterday and was thinking how exciting it is to move. Any change in scenery is good.  Even if you are moving to a smaller space or a darker place, it doesn’t matter because it will be different. I love moving. I love moving . MOst people hate it but I love it.

It makes me appreciate time. My old space was good to me and I met so many wonderful people but time moves on and so do I.

I think if you stay in the same place too long you start to not see it anymore. When you move you see everything. The memories come back and the dreams start going. If I had my ideal life I would move every year. That is why I want to get an airstream so I can take off when time allows. We only have so much time on this earth.

That said I have been at the same church for 12 years now. A record breaking long long time for me. The reason is new people keep coming so its ok. And they are kind to me and I have not gotten kicked out yet so its all good. But I still think you should not get too attached to where you live to spice things up a bit .

image by prawnpie

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