Nothing in life has any meaning whatsoever unless you have good relationships.
I don’t care what you have accomplished, in the end you take nothing with you but all the relationships you had.
How can you take them with you after you die you might wonder. Well you have to give an account for your life and do you think God will want to know how big your house was or how creative you were and all the buildings you built or the books you wrote. Do you think He cares about that.
All that stuff is perishable. He will however want to know if you had great relationships with the people he gave you. He will also want to have had a relationship with Him too.
You don’t want to meet God for the first time after you are dead. Then it is too late. If He doesn’t know you then, you will spend the rest of your eternity alone.
They say solitary confinement is horrible in jail. That you do tend to go crazy with loneliness.
And that is only for a little while. that is only a taste.
I was thinking how the first commandment is Love the Lord with your whole heart soul and mind.
Just like when you love anybody really. You love to know all about them and what they think, you are loyal and trustworthy and committed. They are never boring to be around.
Well God is like that too.
This might sound very simplistic but it is so profound that you could swim in this one thought for a few hours. And that one thought changes everything.

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