The Garden

We hired Lesley Pollack to do a design for our yard quite a few months ago. We stared at the plans for months before we just started today. Sometimes you have to think and ponder a but about even what you want for a yard design. There were so many questions we had to ask ourselves about what we wanted long term. Things had to unfold and unfold.
My husband is a workhorse. He works so hard once he gets going.
So we had this Italian formal garden idea with a lot of rounded elements in it. Rounded deck
round lawn . Raised beds were a must but I did not want wood ones or concrete ones . I wanted willow beds like they have in England. I do not know how I stumbeled upon this site but I found a company close by me that actually makes just that. You know how you find something you like on the internet and it turns out that it is in England not here. Well I thought it would be like that but it was only a half hour away from my house.
Cool Then my husband found 500 bricks and bought them so now we are going to do a patio too. Then my Dad got us a greenhouse unexpectedly. . So all these things happened this week so now we have to start.
Jim is out there with a backhoe making the food garden super level. then we are going to dig out the patio area eight inches so we can lay gravel and sand and the bricks.
The green house is not the prettiest one but it is wonderful. It has diffused light so it won’t burn the plants. I have a lemon tree in there now with 9 lemons on it. The lemons are green now but it seems like they are turning yellowish day by day.
This garden project will be just like every painting I have ever done. Start with one idea and walk toward the light and if the plan changes so be it. This yard will create itself and we will watch it happen.

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