The Cold Pool

When you go to the Korean Spa , two things you get over really fast. First you have to walk around naked. Its all female in there so it doesn’t matter but if you aren’t used to that you might find it unnerving . Many people won’t go there for that reason alone.

The second thing is Heat. You have to get used to being in very hot rooms and pools and staying in them for as long as you can. The first few times you might have to get out of everything and just cool off so you won’t get light headed

The thing most people spend the least amount of time in is the cold pool. It is pretty chilly and there is a waterfall to stand under and let it beat on your shoulders. I would say most people in there avoid that pool.

Getting in the cold pool for the first time is shocking, especially after all the hot pools and rooms. You have to mentally tell your legs to keep walking into it or you will stay in for one second and jump out. But each time you go in it becomes easier and easier till you can stay in a few minutes at a time. That is when you discover the joys  and relief that the healing cold freezing pool has to offer. Overcoming the compulsion to jump out and Making Yourself! stay in the water is like conquering some scared part of you. That feels good. Then when you body gets used to the cold, the water shocks your body into releasing toxins  which does make you feel better too. Exhilaration is the next stage. It a so fantastic to get almost a shot of energy that surges through your body after a plunge. That is why the Finnish people jump into snow pools. Good clean fun on a molecular level.

All this to illustrate how other things in life are like the Cold Pool.

When you are scared of pain, which is most of us all the time. Just throwing your self into something knowing full well it will not be comfortable  is probably the greatest exercise you can do. Thats why people bungee jump. It makes you stronger, better, smarter, cleaner, more creative, bolder, mightier, and braver.

Can you imagine Michelangelo putting the first paint stroke on the Sistine Chapel and realizing that he had a huge huge area to fill with images that would bogle your mind.

Or someone who wants to sail around the world.

Or forgive someone who hurt you .

so many levels for the cold pool.

You know what they say,

“The waters fine.”

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