Lords Day

In our church we call Sunday “the Lords Day”.  I hadn’t heard it called that till we got to this church. It is a good reminder to me to focus. . It is not God that needs us to sing and pray to him . He isn’t lacking in some way and we have to help Him out. Someone who has given you everything you have both in this world and the next does at the very least deserve our undying affection . If a human being took you out of a slum and put you in a palace  you would tend to be grateful I would hope.Especially if you were being an obnoxious creep when he took you in and paid all your debt with not just money but pain and suffering on your behalf, you would be grateful and shocked I hope.

So today is the day to be shocked and awed in a good way.  Jesus did not have to die for me, But He did.

If my son died for someone else I would not want them to just forget it . I would want them to be dang thankful . Wouldn’t anyone?


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