The end of the year

The great thing about the end of all things is that it is the beginning of the new thing.
Have you ever noticed how good it feels to clean up the house after Christmas and get on with the new year.
the end is always the most hopeful. We think well that is that.
That is the show, that is the year, that is my life.
Till we get to the last one of those we always can start again.
I have been listening to Mere Christianity on you tube. There is something comforting in C. S, Lewis’ voice. He calmly says what we all have thought one way or another.
He merely states the end of all the conclusions you might have thought of.
All the possibilities, wishes, hoping, assuming but never really examining.
Dear reader it is my greatest wish for you to consider this. In the end of it all, what does it matter what we have accomplished in this world if there is even the remotest possibility that there indeed after this life a new one that we must live. And if there is even the remotest possibility that there is Someone we must give an account to , because in the end if there is a new beginning then what will it be for you.

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