In the army, they do not give you options to do what you want. I was thinking how freeing that is in a way.
We give ourselves options to do lots of things that we really should not.
We say Oh I will do this today but then again I have the option not to. So do you think that thing gets done. NO!
Options just are another word for procrastination.
Life goes better with few options.
I like how the army gives you no options about keeping your room clean. zero options. You do it they scream at you and maybe even kick you out. Even if you were messy before you learn real quick to not be messy anymore.
We give ourselves options to fail.
If this does not work out I can always bail out. Yup. options are also another word for not trying hard enough.
The more I ponder it I think the fewer the options you give yourself the better you will be.
We eliminate a lot of stress by having no choice about matters that count. marriage. passing a test, getting fat, being lazy etc. I am sure you can think of a thing or two that would be great to have no options about.
The pioneers were not people of a lot of options. Live or die was pretty much the only one they got. Even if it was so so so hard they did not turn back and say “Hey I did not count on all this pain involved with moving across country in a cruddy wooden wheeled  trailer going over horrible non roads and all these people trying to kill me not to mention all the dirt and where oh where is a bathtub. I really was not thinking how cold is cold with only canvas for a house. NO this is not what I planned for.
They said.l” We go forward or we die.”
No options.
I don’t even know what grueling means.They did.
Wouldn’t you like to see how it would be if they came back in this time and saw us quitting over such a minimal amount of pain. Don’t you think they would think we were the weakest of all Gods creatures.
NO options equals good!

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