The Fog

This morning the fog was so heavy it was hard to see more than 10 feet in front of the car. Yet we have to drive down the road not knowing what is coming at the car.
Everyone has the same experience in life. You can only see a few seconds down the road really.
You can plan and plan but you won’t see all the variables till you get in that time where you see what your choices have played out. You can’t see that fire coming, you can’t see that car wreck before you are in it, you can’t stop your leg from breaking when you fall in front of your house,
anything bad can happen or anything good. You did not know that stranger was going to come in today and want you to do a lot of work for them.
You did not know that the sun would come out first and melt the ice so that you do not fall in front of your house. I could go on.
Worry is totally useless at all times.

There is nothing you can do about it. Do not look back and say oh I should have done this or that.
It doesn’t matter.
If one thing goes bad it might be a wonderful change that you could have not seen in a million years. You did not know you would be happy in a new place.
My dogs don’t worry about anything. They could not care less about what tomorrow holds. All they know is I will feed them and walk them and pet them and they are totally happy today.
We need to be more trusting that whatever is next will be just that what happens next and not the end of the world.
Unless it is the literal end of the world but that is another thought for another day.

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