The Grapes

The grapes were abundant this year. Warmer than usual  weather afforded them the chance to burst   like a  balloon  with sweet juice. They hung down almost covering an equal area to the leaves. Some branches were 35 feet long. All full of grapes.


My Dad died just now, just now he left to go on to  his next stage of life. I thought of the grapes.

He was like the grapes this year. Long branches full of sweet fruit that is easy to eat. His life was about giving his best effort to give every fruit he had to give away.

We pruned the grapevine way back. All the remaining grapes got picked and squeezed into juice. The vines were spent. Time to start again.

Now I have to start all over without Dad. My Mom has to start all over without her husband of 65 years. We have been pruned of our most abundant vine and now must make juice of the remaining fruit. Lord, let that juice be sweet and let it nourish those after us.

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  1. Shari,

    What a great tribute to your family’s love. I’m sorry for your loss. I remember very well the day of my dad’s funeral. I miss him all the time and wish I could talk with him. It is a joy to hear how well you loved your father, and how he must have loved his family.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. I am glad it made you think of your Dad. It really is a special experience that people don’t talk about very much. thanks for making the site look so pretty Phil !!

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