The white paintings

I had this dream about doing a whole show of white paintings. Do you ever do something because you have a dream? I never have, but why not? Maybe the dream paintings ( I would totally call them that) are the most interesting ones you have ever done. The difficult process of making something pretty interesting in all while shades would be  a challenge.

Ok what I did right there is just free form dreaming doodling just let it go kind of thinking. Who cares where ideas come from. Maybe you have a hairsbreath of an idea but it sparks you. Go for it.

Most of the time you start somewhere definite and go toward the light, but it is really fun to start anywhere  and go for what might be a glimmer of a light then a shadow, then a flood light.


so with that in mind. 10 white paintings might look all the same till you went close and then you see the nuances. Sort of like a whisper.

things seem more important when you have to move close to see their beauty.


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