What would you do?

If you had to chose between having something that you totally loved but was killing you and something you detested but was good for you which would you choose? Everyone says the hard thing, everybody knows what you should do.  Nobody does it though. We almost never pick hard and good over fun and bad.

You think that is not true?  Name three times you picked hard and good over fun and bad today. Just try and think of three times. Even if tiny things counted, I bet you couldn’t name three things. We have opportunities all day long to pick hard and good. all day long. every minute.

If I asked you to name three times when you picked fun and bad for you, I bet you could name 20 times just this morning. We do it so easily. I am writing this, and I know this, and I could only name three things hard good; I knew I was going to write this.

If it was a pop quiz I am sure I could not.  Just today think about this and try and start counting both and writing them down. the more hard and good the better you will feel, hear, taste, live, laugh, learn, breath, grow, and fly. You will fly to the next level. I promise.

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