I like to think about  this for a few minutes every day. What if I could do anything in the world. What would I do?
If you could do anything anything anything what is the first thing you would do.
the funny thing is laying a beach somewhere would get old pretty fast. Relaxing things are only fun if you have earned them. Tired and spent?? then lay down is fun but only them.
People that go into retirement go kind of crazy if they don’t have any passions. Not just hobbies but passions.
So artists are lucky . We never outgrow our passions. We never are too old.
It is like breathing. The next breath is the most important. The next painting. the next challenge.
All you poets out there know that you are only as good as your current poem. Even if you did a million poems already, so what. What is the next one.
I would like to lay on a beach where it is warm but only for a day then get back to work.
That is the joy of living.

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