I write this blog for myself to clarify ideas and to make commitments and to grow. I don’t think I am having any profound impact on anyone else , but it is a good exercise none the less.

Blogging is similar to the morning pages that I write by long hand each morning.

Julia Cameron got this idea and it is a powerful tool thousands of people do each morning to help spark their day . Writing long hand is not something we do on a regular basis anymore and it isn’t even something people did when she first wrote the book “‘Vein of Gold.” We had computers back then but they were not as pervasive as now.

The act of physically writing down your thoughts with a pen on paper somehow makes your real self come through. You are less likely to have that experience using a key board. It is a spiritual practice because it engages your deeper self . There is nowhere to hide from yourself when you incorporate long hand.

Just this very morning , I found myself ruminating on what anyone does anything for .

I get pretty philosophical about work because I have to or I forget why I’m doing it. I get distracted from the big picture and before you know it things get small again .

But the reality is nothing is small. Every single thing we do is important. Every word I write, every second I spend with someone, every single breath I take is important.

This blog is important, washing the dishes is important. Nothing is not important. Everything has meaning. You don’t just live and die and that is it like it is no big deal.

But I forget that all the time and when I do everything seems dull and small and meaningless and then I feel anxiety and then I watch stupid movies on the computer to stop the anxiety.

I don’t know why I forget so fast but thats how it is. That is why the morning pages are great for connecting back to the focus of life.

It is like when I went to the doctor . I was very anxious about the procedure I was a about to have and started to hyperventilate. The nurse said to look straight ahead and not look down, then I would not be dizzy and pass out.

That what the morning pages are. They are just looking straight ahead.

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