When people get their picture taken they usually smile. Smile for the Camera!
When I paint a portrait I look for a non smiling face. Just a relaxed face that is not trying to look PRETTY.
I don’t know why we always have to look so pretty.
The face that I love the best is one that is looking right at me as though they are listening to me tell them something interesting,
I love a contemplative look.
I love to see the shape of your natural mouth and your eyes not all scrunched up in a giant smile.
Even if I am painting a baby I want to see just the whole face unadulterated.
Just you and nothing else added.
My husband is an expert at taking a picture that is the look I want. He knows me and what I am looking for. He can take a pure picture.
Most people have a hard time doing that. They pose and try and look in a fashionable sense but that is not what I want.
I just want to see you.
Your simple face is the most beautiful thing to me.
Every face is a beautiful thing to explore when you are a painter.
Two eyes a mouth and a nose. simple elegance.

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