If I could paint whatever I wanted with zero pressure to do anything someone else wanted, if I had unlimited resources and if I had nothing else to do all day but exactly what I wanted what would I do. You might think dream on but in fact that is what we all can do each day. The constrictions are ones that we put on ourselves . Nobody else puts them on us. We think well I have to do this or I will die.
But the truth is you will not die. And even if you do well we all have to do that anyway.
but you only die once.
Some people think they have to die every day to what they really want.
And as far as resources go.. You have enough.
Once when I lived in San Francisco I had no money so I went dumpster diving and go stuff to paint on. I had no paint so I used charcoal. and varnish. hardware items that were super cheap. .
Now I still have all the time I would ever have. I choose to do somethings not art related .
And you might say well you have no responsiblilites like children.
I knew an artist who had six little kids and she managed to be a painter and o tons of work. She tells her kids Mom has to paint for a few hours and they do not die from neglect. They keep themselves busy and learn to take care of each other.

There are not excuses for not doing what you want. It would be the same for any creative pursuit. And every single pursuit is a creative pursuit.

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