Inventing yourself

I am teaching little kids art. I am making up lesson plans as I go and am just reading what everyone else says and mulling it over and adapting it to little kids,
I look at their little faces full of beauty and wonderment and think how incredible it is to be able to spend time with them.
I did not know I was going to do this till I was doing it.
Then I realized if little children can invent how their lives will so can adults.
You can reinvent yourself by doing these three things.
Make it up, Start doing it small and then start doing it big.
You don’t have to know everything in advance.
I have visions of my little art class painting murals in a playground without any help. I envision my little kids writing and illustrating their own books, and I also envision them teaching their parents new skills they have learned.
they are fresh and not full of doubt yet so the sooner they get some major project under their belts the better.
I was sitting in the studio this morning a couple of hours  early for the kids to get there and decided to do some imagination work for the class.
One way is to look around and project what yo would like to see. What I thought would be great for me and the kids is to have a dance studio in conjunction with the art side. What if there is a connection between moving your body and getting an abstract concept. what if dance and art could be smushed together. Well you need quite a bit of space for that so I was thinking that half the entire floor space would be great.
If I could do anything I would do that.
I think adults would enjoy this too as most people never do anything like this and if they do they only do one or the other.
The best thing could be if it helped them grow and the worst thing would be that it would be enjoyable.
It is better to learn to to enjoy yourself in a natural healthy way then just do be passively watching something or someone else do something.
I want the two hours I have with them to be the best of the week and a time they can call their true time being way way alive.

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