Shark Poems

Poems are like fishing lines the go deep into the sea

Sometimes they hook a whale and you go flying out of the boat

or else it’s a shark and the poem comes up on the boat and eats you

Those are the kind I like. Its not so bad getting eaten alive

Its like a way to jump start your day.

If you get eaten alive by shark poems, then everything will be different after that.

Your heart will be nice and tender all the bad things will be chomped out


I was thinking about this last painting I just finished. Valentine was painted not so much as an eye catcher for a window in a gallery, but from a deep place in my heart. Valentine is a culmination of every belief I have about my place in life as an artist. I painted dozens of faces till I found the one you see here. This face is resolved and content with her life. It is sort of a Valentine to myself that what I have done is worthwhile .

I have come to appreciate the simplicity and ordinary subjects I ponder as worthy of contemplation. Sometimes the simplest things can convey the deepest meaning. A glance from someone you care about can say something that sticks to you and permeates your life. Hopefully it is a glance speaking acceptance and love. The smallest things can have a big impact on how you perceive the world.

This Valentine painting is just that to me. If it is that to me, I hope it is that to the person who ends up owning her. The abundant rose theme is one I have used before but it means the same thing. Find the roses as life and beauty and joy.

The red chair is one from my past in particular but I am sure everyone has a special reminder of a good place in your life, and chairs in my paintings are also a nod to being grounded. The colored dashes swirling around are there to show breath and movement as nothing in life stays the same.

This is not just a pretty painting if you look a little harder. Every stroke of paint an artist puts down comes from somewhere important and it is worth investigating so you can see the work deeper. Happy Valentines Day !

What You Don’t Want

I think it might be easier to figure out what you do want by figuring out what you don’t want.

You don’t want to say the same old thing. You  don’t want do a repeat of something that sold , because then you are just looking for the elusive secret that the first painting had. Maybe there is only one thing and you can’t just crank them out .

Being inauthentic is another avoid-at-all-costs trap , so we don’t want to go there.

As long as you know what to avoid, you can see what you do want. Real. Refreshing. Beautiful  and surprising work. I think the work has to surprise you too. There is no formula and if you have one then throw it out. Formula art is not even art.

What you are left with is best-case scenario , authentic, egoless, courageous art that speaks to you and everyone else — something that was never heard  before. This is every artist’s best; it’s the reason to keep painting because when you do this — when this occurs — it is actually fulfilling your destiny.


Our style is similar to the glitter trail left by a slug. Wherever the slug goes, a thread is left of his life for all to see. How is this not a perfect metaphor for style? Like the slug, we all leave a trail behind us for all to see. Whether you want to or not, the trail of your thoughts and choices will follow you around wherever you go. Each turn  in your life ,will be illuminated by the sun .

Style is our insides leaking out . I have heard that you can cultivate style but it really is just  the result of what is going on inside your mind. Change that and your style will manifest naturally.

I recently had a short vacation with a dear magnificent friend. We did nothing but talk and walk and just be together. Her home is a reflection of the intense factory of her genius mind. Just being there was like soaking up nutrients.

We were soaking in the tub of love that she calls home .

I  think her slug trail would be made of not just glitter , but diamonds. Some people are just that beautiful. Everywhere she goes, diamonds follow her  life. the people she teaches, the husband she has, the family she came from, they all get to be renewed by her just being alive.

When you are in the presence of greatness, you should acknowledge it and revel in it.  How wonderful this life is to have people in it with diamond trails.