What value do you give to dreams. Most people give zero value to them.
Not me, I get dreams that are life altering sometimes. I have had dreams where I figured out a problem. I have had dreams that opened doors.
We never stop thinking. Every minute of every day we think think think.
WE never stop. It is like breathing .
That blog I wrote last time about the visusalization of what you would do if you could do anythng for 24 hours then 12 then 6 then one, well I did it.
It was a sort of dream only I was awake.
When you sift down all the best of the best you get to the spectacular and that is what that exercise is all about. sifting.
When you know what the spectacular is for you it gives you clarity to start walking there.
When you see and feel the spectacular idea then it is easier to go straight there.
Otherwise we go all over the place spinning our wheels,
Or get lost in the maze.
I would say that this particular exercise is the most powerful I have ever come up with and I recomment that you do it immediately and take your time because it is totally the most fun thing you can ever do and it feels like you actually are there,
It is like going on the funnest ride in the universe for you.
Did I build it up enough to make you want to try it, Good , go do it especially if you never did anything like this before.

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