I have friends that are sophistacated. They are very elegant and refined and charming. Every once in a while they let their hair down and act silly for a couple of minutes. I yearn for those minutes like crazy. I wish half the time was hair down time not just a little leaking out.
Laughing and being silly is such a stress reducer
Sometimes my husband will make me laugh at something in the middle of a fight. It is so hard to be angry and laugh at the same time.
All he has to do is mimic me and it is over for me.
I think comedians are tremendous blessings for everyone else. Don’t you just love it when one walks on stage. For a few minutes you can forget all the hard things.
When I was a kid I used to make my siblings laugh when my Dad was making us work outside, I was just doing it to make it more fun but he was not amused, In fact he would get enraged and throw me out of the work party. Which was good for me too,
I did not get my sence of humor from Dad. He always thought I wa a bit odd.
Too bad because we could have had a great time if he would have joined in and the work would have gotten done.
Next time you have an enraged teenager, try and make them laugh. Mimic what they are saying. If they have half a brain they will be unable to continue being mad.

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