the impossible

The minute we think something is impossible, the minute we utter that word to ourselves…we quit trying.  We cannot see a way so forget it. Nobody can do it. There is a wonderful feeling in giving up. You dont have to think about it anymore , its won’t be on your mind, its over. You quit.

But I like to think of the impossible as a lost child. The child wants to you find him but if you quit nobody will find him ever and he will die. Imagine if you were the child, you would want someone to try really hard to save him from death. Ideas are like that. Why do you think we even get creative ideas? Are they just our meaningless musings wasting our time and energy? Or are our creative ideas from the Creator and they were given to us as a mission to be accomplished. If the latter is true then they we better do them. I believe that we did not make ourselves. Ideas do not come from nowhere.

Aren’t you so glad that Renoir and Matisse worked way way into old age with so many handicaps in their body?  They did not have to work , they could have just relaxed with their success. But their last works were spectacular.

What if your idea is what everyone need and wants and it will last forever? It is always worth pursuing your creative endeavor till you are dead. Then you can quit , but only then.

I like this site. These folks don’t seem to worry too much about what’s “possible,” and with that fearless approach I’ll bet they can do anything.

The hour and the day

DSCN0440There comes a time in your life when you just have to decide the hour and the day that you are going to do what you have always wanted. This might sound funny but my putting a specific time in your plan when you will start makes you able to move ahead. Saying some day means never never never. Someday never is going to come. Some day is far away and vague and meaningless.

Say this day and at this hour and even this minute I will start on the path that goes to where I want to go. Write it down and post it next to your bed to look at when you first get up. Put another post it on the bathroom mirror and another on the back door. Have the steps written down that you will take the first minute of the first hour of your new path. It is way way way exciting to have a starting gun. Ready, set, go.

billet doux

I have a billet dDSCN0174oux (love letter) for you today. It is the most beautiful wish for you. In our creative group we would do a visualization exercise just to get our juices going and to hear what someone elses insides  are like when they read their exercise. Here is one for you. Imagine you are on a path that is leading to the most beautiful place of peace and stimulation at the same time. Anticipate the place you are going while enjoying the path along the way there.

Make it the most wonderful path you can imagine. Now  you are in the place that is the best for you to really fly. What does it look like if there were no limits to what you could have there. Now, imagine that you have a magic marker that whatever you draw happens. What will happen in the most beautiful place? Take a few minutes to think about this and then write down what you might draw that will take place as soon as you draw it. Write for 10 minutes . Keep this note in a safe place under your pillow and think about it often.

Happy Valentines


There is no normal anything. When people say things are normal they really mean that things are going as they expected. When a different experience than you are used to occurs, people notice and comment about it. But in the great scheme of life we are not in control of anything and we have to do what we can in every circumstance.

How we look at new things in our lives is ultimately the only thing in our control. But that is everything at every time and every place. Crying about how bad things are is a total waste of time and energy. Being depressed is sometimes just thinking about everything that is bad according to us. The same thing might happen to someone else and it is received as a great thing. I am thinking of a model in England who had acid thrown on her face by a stranger. Her face was gone and she would never model again, but two years later she said she was a better person. She was extremely shallow before the crime but now she has develop character and that was worth the pain. Nobody is dealt anything hard unless it is for making them better.


DSCN0188What is a masterpiece anyway? Both Jackson Pollack and Renoir have created masterpieces. It is not the content so much as the power to last that makes a masterpiece. Every time You look at it is fresh and new.
Fashion can have masterpieces too. The thing is the line that never ceases to be beautiful. Chanel was an artist who found these lines in her work.
There are masterpieces in every field. The design of a tool can be a work of art.
You can train your eye to see a masterpiece by looking at many works of art. Each time you see a new one your mind will be seeing the unseen. You can develop an instinct for seeing them everywhere. That is why it is important to go to museums on a regular basis. When your eye is trained it will affect every aspect of your life. You will learn to see the same way a trained singer can hear more than the normal person.

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