Mission Statement

Without a mission statement clearly in your mind, your energy will be dissipated. A mission statement can change every few years so you always have to be reevaluating what your priorities are. Not having a clear idea of where you want to go and why will leave you floundering.

Writing a mission statement is not easy. One way to start is to write down everything that is important to you and make lists of order of importance. I like to do mine in my morning writing to look at it. Writing it down makes it easier to assess. Once I locked myself in a room till I thought of one. Its a good exercise and will help with any area of life. This is more than goal setting. This is direction setting.

Paris Hotel

The hotel where we stayed in Paris had upholstered walls and ceilings. Each room had different material. Each room was very small. Everything is small in Paris. Small and perfectly charming. A small room is the most inviting place to be as it affords you the luxury of feeling very close to whomever you are with. It is intimate. Like whispering in your loved ones ear. We must have had a bathroom that was literally 2 and a half feet by 4 feet. tiny tiny tiny. Bit it was totally marble and it wasn’t just any marble. It was warm perfect gleaming marble with the most beautiful lighting. Our room was ten feet square. So tiny but it had high ceilings and the soft walls and the chandelier and nothing ever felt so cozy. I know for a fact that small spaces make us feel and think differently. Now six months away from France again, I think of these small spaces that are so precious. The tighter in you go with space the more concentrated your thinking.

calm down

Live is too short to calm down. I think everyone should get way more excited. we should learn to dream and be fabulous and you can never  never do that calmed down.

Check out this youtube video.  I love to look at is a guy dancing all over town with a u2 song in the background. I always think that I would love to know that guy. He is alive and dancing and that is so wonderful. He is dancing in the shower and in the street. He is alive alive alive.

To be by people like that is necessary to achieve big things. It takes so much momentum to do big things that you need help. The music helps you get in touch with that part of us that wants to be alive and not afraid.

If you do not know someone who is so full of life that it is contagious then you have to be that person first. Like attracts like. Soon others will be by you and you will help each other grow. We are synergic at our core and once we know that we can use it.

big mistakes

There is no such thing as a mistake. We do things and the outcome is not good so we say it is a mistake. I put all my money in Enron and it crashed. But what you dont know is that if it had gone way up and you make a bundle something bad might have happened in your life. You might have lose something worse than just money in the long run. Ask Lotto winners if everything is way way better after winning.

With that in mind you can not be afraid of mistakes. Something else happened besides what you though would happen. Thats all. Something different and maybe better. I made cookies today. Oatmeal but i was out of oatmeal so I substituted cheerios for oatmeal. I was also out of eggs so I substituted egg beaters with hot sauce in them. We will see what hot and sweet cookies are like they they are done. It will be a new adventure for my family to try. If they taste awful well I learned that cheerios cannot be used instead of oatmeal.

Banal you say, well could be but the point is important.

Your Path

It is very easy to get distracted from” Your” path. I have ben distracted by trying to lead someone else along his path. You cannot do that. the only way to lead is by example. You have the idea, you have to do it. no one else.

There is another thing about paths that is real. Drive is an energy that wants to go somewhere and it will go somewhere. You can bet on that. But the important thing is to see if the drive you have been given is going to the right place. It is hard to tell when you are in the middle of driving. It feels right, you think well I am going forward but you might be going in circles. Worry is energy going in circles. Nagging is energy going in circles.

Procrastinating is energy going in circles. You are always the one driving, If you are being driven then it really is something else. It is procrastination in disguise. You not driving takes on many faces. Once you begin to look for them you will find them. And you will see the same pattern repeated your whole life. I saw this in myself this morning because I looked and then I saw it everywhere in my life. It is sneaky but if you see it it will lose its power over you.

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