The importance of support

Life is infinitely easier if you have support for new ideas. It is also infinitely easier if you have help . That is of course why support groups are necessary. sometimes you just don’t have friends that have been where you want to go so you have to find others who have been there.

There should be a support group for creativity. Like All support groups it should be filled with people who have already been successful in living a creative life.

I  have a dream of someday being in a big big room and making art with a lot of people all working on the big idea. Other people give me ideas and visa versa and the synergy of that is way way more powerful than just me alone. Movies are made this way so why not art.

Art does not have to be a solitude thing. Some steps can be alone but some together.

Anything in life is more fun when you have help from others. When they build a house on TV for someone they have about a million volunteers show up. Because it is fun and exciting and is life itself. Getting done is nothing. that lasts about three minutes of OHH and Ahh then it is on to the next project. ENERGY IS CREATED WHEN MOLECULES MOVE AROUND . we are more than molecules, we are people with infinity at our disposal. If a molecule can do it so can we.

The importance of creativity

Creativity can get you out of jams. It can overcome most obstacles and it can create paths to new places. It alone can stimulate your whole life on a deep deep level and it alone can drive you insane.

When you are not a creative sort it is not because it is you are less creative than anyone else. It is only Only Only because you have not developed that area in your life.  Everybody is made to be creative. that is what makes the world go round.

I create therefore I am.

If you just do one more creative thing a week your life will be opened up to the amazing power it was made for . Your spirit will soar and everything physical will work better in your body. AS the spirt goes so goes the body.

If young people develop creative skills during the teen years they will be light years ahead of everyone else . It makes me want to do a creative class just for high schoolers to help them not get stuck in defining themselves as not creative early on.


To get something new in your life you have to let go of something else. Usually what you have to let go of is assumed security. Everybody has things that make them feel secure. We hold on to them for dear life because we think they are dear life. they are not. They are only a feeling.

think about this for a second. You have a relationship, job,way of doing things, thought patterns  etc that are your blanket . You feel safe there.

that is why new things are hard. You have to let go of something and TRUST that you won’t die.

Or you will die but you might have died anyway clutching on t o something. Things wont help you.

Here are three reasons to let go when you see some thing more important than what you have.

1. It is healthy to change ever so often. Healthy. It  is like exercise . It is healthy

2. The new thing will make you grow. Even if it is hard, especially if it is hard

3. WE are created to constantly get better and staying put is not going to help you get better.

Here is an example.

I am afraid to learn to swim. I hate swimming and who needs it. Learning to swim will make you stronger three ways. You learn to say no to yourself. good. you learn to overcome fear. You learn to move through water without drowning. New skill to build on.

You can swim in many waters in your life then. You will see new places that you might need to see to grow in other areas. Swimming will take you to them.

You have to do it.

The Zing

When you understand something that was just a second ago foggy and now it is crystal clear is what I call the Zing. The zing is the electric currant that seems to run through you veins when you SEE it. It is total euphoria and bliss to be in that moment. You know that what you just now understand is right and true and the perfect solution. You know it in your bones.

I live for zing moments. They are the fleshing out of all that is WONDERFUL and RIGHT with the world.  I had a zing yesterday. I will put it in my pocket and carry it around with me today so I can think about it. Do you ever get zings? tell me about one.