Doing Nothing

When Frank Lloyd Wright was going to design the Waterfall house he spent months and months doing nothing. He did not even put a pen to paper and draw one line.

The people that had commissioned him to do the house were fearful that he would not get it done in time.

He was thinking about it. When he was done thinking he drew the entire design in a few days.

And it was fantastic.

The white space in our lives is just as important as the busy space. We have to incubate ideas that are big and revolutionary. These ideas come when we wait on them with expectation .

If you haven’t written that book yet you are always thinking about. It might not be laziness. It might be timing. Maybe you have to know one more thing before you can begin. Six months is enough time for any idea. Not six years or six decades that is too long.

I am soaking right now on a project. I am realizing that I must respect this important part of the process.


I have a muse. It is my small dog. Gertrude Stein had a little dog and she called him her muse. Why?? just because it is the little things that get us going. A sweet smile, a look of belief, patience with you. unconditional love. Yes you get all these in a dog and a tiny one is even better as you can put them in your pocket and take them with you. A buddy and pal and something to get your mind off yourself for ten minutes and look at the sweet eyes and realize you are not the only one alive. I like how they depend on you too. It s all good. I haven’t written for a long time because I got this dog and he is a sweet baboo. I am in love


I have to do something I do not want to do. I have to go to France alone for a show. I am half overwhelmed with the normal international flights even with my husband and now I have to go alone. and stay with a total stranger for 10 days in a country where I do not speak good French in. It is a small town so most people just speak French.

How much like jumping out of an airplane is this??? Just like it only the airplane jump is over in a matter of minutes. This will be almost two weeks of who knows what. And I have to do a show and do the opening and hang it and everything – alone. I figure I won’t die but at worse be uncomfortable a lot. Things happen for a reason so I am sure I will meet people I would have not met if I was with anyone I knew.

I wish it was over. I wish I was writing this and telling you all about it not waiting for it to happen. This door is not one I love to go through but three good things will happen:

1.  I will learn to fly to Europe all alone and finagle my way around a bunch of airports.
2. I will meet new people and maybe even have friends for life.
3. Overcome fear. I spit on you fear and I will venture forth with courage and grace.

God help me!!!

What would you do?

If you had to chose between having something that you totally loved but was killing you and something you detested but was good for you which would you choose? Everyone says the hard thing, everybody knows what you should do.  Nobody does it though. We almost never pick hard and good over fun and bad.

You think that is not true?  Name three times you picked hard and good over fun and bad today. Just try and think of three times. Even if tiny things counted, I bet you couldn’t name three things. We have opportunities all day long to pick hard and good. all day long. every minute.

If I asked you to name three times when you picked fun and bad for you, I bet you could name 20 times just this morning. We do it so easily. I am writing this, and I know this, and I could only name three things hard good; I knew I was going to write this.

If it was a pop quiz I am sure I could not.  Just today think about this and try and start counting both and writing them down. the more hard and good the better you will feel, hear, taste, live, laugh, learn, breath, grow, and fly. You will fly to the next level. I promise.