Did you ever move your fingers over on the keyboard and you got a bizarre new language? Just a couple of centimeters off and bingo new land and language that nobody can understand.

I was thinking how this is like just missing the mark on your day. A sale that was almost made and picture that was almost painted but just off enough to make it awful.
Unless you just move to the right a little.  When I am painting a face just a fraction of an inch off will make the lady look mean instead of sweet. I quarter of a millimeter. Just a tad. My mind will follow suit. I don’t quite understand something and instant freaking out. When I might just be a little bit off.  My motto is: “move everything over just a bit when it seems too weird to stand and it might make it perfectly understandable.”


Life should have tassels. Tassels are just an ornament that have no purpose but to be fancy and luxurious and are just something to look at. I love the entire frivolity of them and glamour and delicious joy that they bring to a useful item. We have to have chairs to sit on but a chair with tassels is even better.  That is what I am doing in my paintings. I am painting these pretty girls with their longing eyes to feed that part of you that feels uplifted and inspired by tassels. Joy and beauty and elegance for a world will too many sterile places to look at.

What is Good?

How do you grade your life? Is it a good life? What constitutes a good life? It is my contention that every life is a good one.  At least you had one. Even the most difficult torn up mangled wrecked ravaged horrible life is, well, good.
At least you got a chance to fight and live and breathe.

I also contend that just because you have a life that looks good on the outside might be miserable on the inside but again so what at least you were born and have a life.  It’s what you do with what you get that counts. Only a fraction of people even focus on that. Who cares what you start with. Make it work. You have to make it work like its all you have to use. Because it is all you have to use. Use it up.

What would you do if you only had one day left?

Another good question:  What would you do if you know that in 24 hours you would be gone?  Paring down to a short time is important for writing a mission statement. After telling everyone you loved how much you loved them and spending time with them which I think is what everyone would do. What else…sew up loose ends, write a quick will, write down what you want your kids to know after you were gone. What would you tell them?? What would you do? Important living would manifest itself pretty quickly.

Pare it down to only the essentials. I bet you would read the Bible with renewed interest. I bet you would not watch tv. You might write down memories that would die with you if You did not write them down. I was thinking about this. I would write down as much of what I learned and I would tape thoughts to give loved ones. I have never been to a funeral where there was a tape of the last thoughts- although I would adore to hear something like that. Do this today. make books and recordings and love letters to leave behind.