A big vase of flowers

My grandmother always had a big bouquet of flowers in the house somewhere. She always had gobs of jewelry on and always wore a dress. She had a sense of what made everyone feel good around her. My mother had six kids so she could not do this all the time, but she also would strive for that. We were always had something fancy to look at.

There is a scene in “Enchanted April,” where Milush is upset that Lottie spent money on fresh flowers for the table. He says it is extravagant and not a good use of their money. She looks crestfallen and then decides to go away on vacation without him. This illustrates how important a fresh vase of flowers is.

It is not just flowers, It is everything striving to be beautiful in this world. It is an assault against just getting by and LIVING! Even if you have only one small room to live in…PUT FRESH FLOWERS OUT AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.  They are everything you need to realize that life is so short and fragile and gone in a minute. Just like the flowers.

Is that important to think about? YES!

And now for something completely different

A friend of mine asked me if I was resting on my laurels.

Yikes, I have to answer yes. I feel validated and that is where the trap is. A little success goes a long way is wrecking you. It makes you lazy and you stop trying so hard as when you had before you had any success.

I remember what Kirk Douglas said. “The best time in my life was when I had nothing but a dream.”
Once you get the dream you can’t relax and say oh now its is done. Nothing is done till you are dead. then you are done. You should keep getting higher and higher and better and better. Nominal success is really nominal and if you stay there to long it is dangerous. You lose your edge.


In my studio we have tape on the floor for walls. Everybody respects that tape as though there was a real wall there. I might wander into someone else’s space to see what is new, but I feel like I am in their space.

I was thinking how much we mentally invade someones else’s space every day with our lives. Personally I enjoy letting people in and spending time with them. the only time I don’t like it is if they barge in. Then I recoil and want them to leave. The only thing that is different between someone asking to come in and someone barging in is their attitude. If you act like you are knocking on the door I will open it but if you just walk in, forget it. Mental door slams shut. Not only mental door emotional door heart door and every important door shuts. I am sure I have barged into someone’s space before without knocking but I try not to.

Here in this blog, the door is wide open. Tell me everything. the door is open, come in.

Baby Steps

When you just start out any creative thing and you have never done it before — don’t say ” I am not very good at this or that.” Give yourself room to be really not good at something and just enjoy the experience. Who cares what anyone thinks. You are just starting out.

The first time I painted I did big globs of paint all over the boards and let them drip all over and smeared them together. I was getting my feet wet. Now I am pretty good at painting a few things but at first I was not. I just had the most fun in the world when was trying. That is how you know if you should try try try again. If you are uncomfortable the whole time doing something, your mind will say ” Get me out of here.”

I was not good at piano and no matter how much a tried I did not get a groove on. My son on the other hand was playing jazz after only a few lessons and going off into his own world and it was amazing to listen to him be him. He was thinking his playing was no big deal but everyone  who was fortunate enough to listen to him play a while was transported into total bliss. He had a way of hearing that I could not hear. He was just a kid but what a glorious kid.

I hate sewing. I feel like I am going to die the whole time I am even by a needle and thread. My friend is so at home working with material and threads and needles and machines that she does that for her main job. So if you want to know if you should do something. Your body will tell you.

photo by this person.