When I was young, getting older was fun till you reach around 40 then it is depressing. I was freaked out when I turned 40 and then again 50 and then again 60. Something about the decade ones is a reality smack down.

I couldn’t figure out why it was a shock until this morning. It is not because I was  losing my  youth and time to do something worthwhile in my life. That is the first thing I thought . No I don’t think that anymore.

That is what I  told myself.

It is this.I should be wiser than I am by now. That is the thing. People  should have more wisdom under their  belt and you should be better than you were last year because of it. Time is your best friend in that category.

If you have been given more time you should have a wisdom bank account to match. I think that is the freak out fear most people have. Youth and looks and money and job etc mean almost nothing in the long run. Wisdom means everything.

So to make birthdays better  I am going  to look back over what I  have acquired in the wisdom department and go from there. Being older should be better and better no matter what our outside circumstances are. If you used all that happened to you in the past year then you have grown and matured and Thank God for that.


So I approach my 62nd year with a list of what I learned so far on this journey. I make a list to keep focused on what is important and remember I can never do this year again.

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