I often wonder what people are thinking when they write obituaries. Are they trying to list what the deceased accomplished  in the way of a job. Or is it how many kids and grandkids they had or what their favorite sport was.

An obituary is a notice that someone has died and it is the last time you can speak to this world. Such a monumental  event maybe could  be a clearing house for finishing unfinished business. I mean wouldn’t you want to say I am sorry to everyone you  hurt or I am so proud of you, or leave a thing or two about what you learned that is important form living for how ever many years you had.

Instead there is a list of what high school you went to and who your second cousin is.

When I die I am going to write a long obituary not about what I did or did not accomplish or who I married or how my kid turned out.

I am going to write about what is most important for anyone to know about me, Yes I was a painter but that is not important. I have people but they also are not important. What I can share as I am leaving this world, that is important. I would love to read anyones last thoughts . You don’t know what you would say until you are there but I imagine they would be worthwhile.

Lived and died yes but what was significant in between those dates in what matters.

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