On Decorating a House

People ask me all the time for ideas to decorate their house. I sort of have to ask them a lot of questions about what they like and don’t like and then just do what I like. every decorator in the universe does that. that is all they can do.

Listen and then try and incorporate some of the listening to what they like. that is what I do. I will never pick out things I hate.

But really people should be able to do it themselves. There are no rules. People say there are rules but they are broken all the time. Like what is art. that definition is broken all the time. Because it is not a massively important thing. A building won’t fall down and people won’t die if you pick out a certain color or style.

For that reason you should be able to do it yourself.

You just need to know what you like and most people don’t have a clue. It is a visceral response that you need to yes yes to one thing and no to another. But you have to have the gut feeling or nothing will make sense to you and you will be at the whim of someone else’s gut feeling.

Your own guts are important/ You should be in touch with them.

This is an exercise I do for my creativity class that you can do to build that gut feeling up.

close you eyes and imagine a space that can have anything in it at all. this place is your room and nobody else will ever see it . Only you. You have infinite money to spend on what ever you can think up.

You might think this is easy but it really tests your ability to decide what you like. It is a hard exercise but it is revealing and most people are surprised by what they come up with.

Here is the facts on decorating. If you are reflected in your house like a mirror you will be successful/ It should feel like you/ It should smell like you and be an extension of your spirit.

There is no right or wrong thing in deciding what you want in your house. If you want a fluffy green rug with purple trim then you must be a super fun person who is willing to take risks.

People respond to innermost being  and nobody thinks any better of you if you are stylish and whatever hip means.

I have a friend that has a Scooby Doo doormat . If you took one of her classes you might be intimidated by her skill but then you go to her house and see the doormat and that says she is accessible. She just is quirky too which is fun and wonderful.

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