Boho interiors

the basement in my house is where my husband and I have been dwelling for the past few months. It has a kitchen and bath and 1000 square feet so it is not like we are slumming. We did this because he went back to school and if we rent out our first floor of our big house  we don’t have to pay a dime for the mortgage.

So we have been here since September and are doing fine.


the thing about interiors is that you have to feel comfortable and not stressed out so you can work. So the space we lived in had to be made as warm and cozy and light filled as possible. Randomly looking through pintrest I found Boho style which is short for Bohemian. It is a riot of colors and lots of textures and pretty much hippy looking which has a lot of beads and small white lights everywhere and lots of good smells and gobs of art and feather and mirrors  and material draping all over. This was perfect for making our CaveB as we call it, super comfortable.

first I was going to do Japanese style but then the Boho came screaming into my view and my heart was in agreement. I am not Japanese style no matter how I love it, it is too stark for my bones.

I need womblike emotions going on in my environment to feel healthy.

That is why I am writing this blog today. Your environment no matter if it is a tiny house or a mansion or a basement apartment has to feel nurturing to you or you will get sick and depressed. You don’t want that for anyone.

Your Man will like it no matter what you pick because he picked You for a reason. Your insides should match your outsides. If they do, he will like it too. Don’t even ask him what he thinks . Just do it and say “Welcome home to me!”


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