The Art of Noise

In the 80s Laurie Anderson made a record called “The Art of Noise”‘ She is an artist who paints with her music and uses her talking voice in the recordings.

I was thinking about how noise in the background sometimes makes the noise in our head be quiet for a while. It is like a mini vacation from thinking about whatever you might be dwelling on.

some artists i know must paint in the quiet. they have to listen for the voice to tell them what do do next and other voices would be distracting.

some like music or talk radio in the background. Then you can build a wall around yourself made of the noise  to help you focus on your inner voice .

It is a good experiment to try a different environment when you are working to see how it goes. every once in a while I will play music I don’t know anything about  just to stir things up.

Every artist should have a large noise vocabulary. It can be like a new tool


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