Jelly Arms

Putting off working out is like putting off your taxes. It accrues interest every single day. This the the horrible truth.

I started a difficult work out program today . My husband gets up at 5 every morning and goes to work out at 6 am. He has been doing it since June. He had to go to school and work full time and study  and take care of the houses for the next 9 months so he decided to work out to be strong enough to do it.


He changed into a molded body of steel. The change to his mind is the thing that was more impressive. He did all the work and then some

and still got up each day at 5 and worked out. He would come home drenched with sweat. sometimes he would be shaking and nauseous.. Yet he kept at it.

So now it is my turn at bat. Instead of laying in the nice warm bed , I have to join him.

I can hardly move my arms and I am sure it will get worse as the day goes on. Tomorrow I think we are doing more arms which seems nuts as jello can only do so much but I will go, Even if I lay on the mat and cry,

I will go

When you body is tested and pushed  your mind follows.

I used to teach aerobics when I was in my thirties . Now I am in my sixties so that is a little bit of a change. Somewhere I have to find the gal who used to push others to do their best. Now I need the pushing.

Discipline is Freedom

Updates to follow and also if it affects my artwork.

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