100 darling birds pouring out of the sky

Vulnerability is necessary to fall in love. It is also necessary to be an artist. You have to expose your underbelly to the process.

I would love to have met Matisse in person and spend a day with him or go for a walk with him.

When I look at his paintings I feel like he would be the sweetest man who had seen such beauty fall from his brush.

What would that be like to be sitting in front of the canvas and have one hundred darling birds pouring out of the sky.

I imagine that that is why he made the chapel. How could you not build a chapel and do all the art in it when you have had the experience that was his.

and ours

Every artist has that every time they face another blank canvas. They wait until one hundred darling birds pour of of the sky  but they will only come if you are totally vulnerable to them showing up and you don’t stop them by freezing  and thinking you are doing the work. You are not doing the work.

Waiting for the moment

When I am not involved

Looking toward the sky

Pausing for the sound

Of onehundreddarlingbirdstopour

right down all over me.

And make my hand turn

into a wing from Thee.


Morning prayer

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