What happens when things are going well when you are working

I was painting yesterday and things were going a little sideways and I could feel myself start to freak out and tense up.

It feels like a tidal wave coming of emotion or sort of despair and fear.

Instead of just go there I stopped what I was dong and wrote down what it feels like when things are going well. When I am in the zone. First and foremost it feels stress free. You are alive to the utmost and you are not aware of time passing or even feeling your body. Total absorption in your work in the best way possible in that there is nothing on the earth you would rather be doing. Then comes gratitude and  a sense of closeness to God( Like He is sitting right next to you and is smiling and you are playing together in the most fun game in the universe)

So you do not feel lonely at all even in the greatest stretch of the imagination,

You feel unalone but not crowded. It feels just right.

Plus it is so interesting and it is the most interesting thing ever that you could even think of.

Energy. You have tons and tons of Energy

You feel like your life has intrinsic meaning and you are important to be on earth at this time. Like you are a part of something greater than just yourself.

Utter Joy, you have utter joy and serenity at the same time.

So I wrote these things down and remembered how to get there. read over this list and you will get there,

But if you focus on how stressed you are the whole thing falls apart and the exact opposite occurs and if you are me you might even get mean and angry at people who don’t know what the matter with you it and you don’t know what the matter is  because it feels like a tidal wave.

but the wave is only in your head and your head can get you out of drowning and into surfing that wave and that wave can be your ticket to the best ride of your life.

This works on everyone in the world because that is how we are wired. Don’t let you logical left brain yell you into depression when your right brain will ride that puppy out and it will be great.

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