Time management

The most important thing is not get sidetracked. There is no such thing as multitasking  Everyone in the world does one thing at a time. If you know this you will do one thing at a time. It is a freeing thing to not try and do two things at once which is really doing two things not very well.

Plus our world is so full of distractions now that you cannot get really focused unless you unplug your life while you are doing something. Constant barrage of talk  radio or Facebook or texting( Lord why did they invent that) makes our lives worse.

The funny thing about being still is that it forces you to reset your brain so you can focus. I often wonder if the number of ADHD cases are indeed exacerbated by these constant distractions.

Cable Tv is also a horrible source of a million commercials blinking in front of your eyes. It is a wonder we can focus on anything at all in this society.

How can you manage your limited time , your precious time, your only available time, with dozens of distractions constantly assaulting your mind. Our minds must be lit up like a switchboard  and not in a good way.

More on this tomorrow.


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