My mother was asking me why it mattered who did the painting as long as you liked it.
Artists use other artists ideas all the time to jumpstart a new idea. We all need constant feeding of our creativity or we dry up.
I really don’t care if someone likes something I am doing enough to semi copy it. It won’t look like mne when they are through anyway. and it is kind of flattering to think you might help someone else.
But trying to actually forge sombodies work is another thing.
My mother did finally think that even though you could do a really great copy of something , the intellectual ownership is with the original aritst alone.
Even in my own work the hard part is coming up with the new idea. .
When a client asks me to do one like a painting that has already sold I always make it 20 percent different. That way each client gets an original not just a copy.
Here is the rub, copying might be easy but it is not ever as good as the first fruits. My advice is always buy the original.

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