I love working out . Ilove the loud music and the pounding energy of all the other people trying their best to get strong. It is like we are all pulling together .
I have a friend that runs marathons and she said that she can go much faster and further in the middle of the race because everyone else is driving you to the end.
You are not alone.
There must be some kind of physical thing to molecules all going in the same direction.
It is like a rushing river of energy.
Talk about exhilaration. I can totally see how people can get addicted to running and working out. Is that a bad thing?? I don’t think so.
When I was in New York, walking down the teeming streets full speed ahead, it is pretty exciting. You cannot just dawdle along looking in the store windows. Everybody is going somewhere…fast.
They are swept away in a sea of people.
Some people hate that but you could get used to it. We are adaptable.
I am saying all this to prove a point.
Your mind follows your body. If you want a lot of stimulation for any work that is creative, it is good to get moving.
move think grow. they are all tied together.

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