My tiny house studio

I have a studio in a dress shop, How fortunate for me to have a tiny house studio. It is everything I need in about 200 feet. I have a work space and a living room to look at the art in. I have a window that looks into the dress shop. I have water to wash my brushes. I have walls and a table and a couch and lights. I have paint all lined up neatly in the studio. I have everything I need to be anything I want.

What I like most is that people come by and look at what I am doing. I like that. They inspire me. The clothes and the shop inspire me. The owner of the dress shop is an inspiration to me.

I feel compelled to think better thoughts when I am not totally alone. Artists are strange creatures. we need lots of things to function. I need constant stream of ideas and I need someone to say ohhh ahhh when they look at what I have done.

I feel compelled to do something daring and wonderful. and unusual. of course unusual, or why bother. Because of the dress shop I want to do something different for awhile. My advice is do your usual work in a new place and see what happens.

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