Focus Factor

Have you ever met somebody who could focus on what they were doing to the extent that they could not even hear you when you talked to them. Of course you have. You have even done this.  We get absorbed when we are good at something.

Here is my challenge for today. To focus on something you hate doing so much that you no longer hate doing it.

What I realized is that everything is interesting if you can super-focus on it. Things are boring if we don’t understand it. You can’t even see it if you don’t understand it.

You aren’t getting it so it is so BORING. Nothing in life is really boring. Everything is tremendously fascinating if we look at it enough.

Do you know someone who is not fun to listen to because what they are saying is not relevant to you?

Imagine how interesting they would become if you were stuck in solitary confinement. ANYBODY would be infinitely fascinating and absorbing  then.  If you think about this for a few minutes it will make everyday things seem wonderful. Because they are.

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