If you are like me you need a revolution in your perception every few days. We are creative beings and we need to keep seeing. The rut of seeing and not really seeing is a natural thing to fall into because it is the most comfortable road. We always want the easy road. Because we are so tired.
But we are tired because we are in a rut. Doing things the same way will eliminate stress but having no stress in your life will work against you. You just have to have controlled stress.
It is like working out. The minute you stop pushing your muscles to perform harder than they want you plateau and it doesn’t do much good. You are going to class and doing the same thing but it is having less and less impact on you because you are good at it.
You want to be on the edge.
The edge is where you are stressing and pushing but not the point of freaking out.
YOu want to stay just shy of that.
Ask any public speaker how they feel just before they go out and give another speech and I will guarantee that they have at least some butterflies.
If you don’t have butterflies you are not doing your best effort.
Butterflies are your cue that you are on track to have just enough stress to grow.
They are your best friend.
I remember my first big time art show. I was so sick to my stomach before the opening I thought I would die. But once I got there and got going and got in the groove… it was euphoric.
the thing is you have to do this every few days or so or your whole life will stagnate. And stagnate means it is not just staying the same – it means it is rotting and getting worse.
Here is to your own mini revolutions in thinking and doing to keep that edge sharp.

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