Too young or too old

I  have found that all our lives are either in one camp or another. We either see ourselves as too old for something or too young.

I am to young to plan for retiring, I am too young to have to worry about my health, I am too young to even have to think for one second about dying.

Or I am too old to start training. I am too old to go back to school and start a new career. I am too old to pay off this mortgage.

Both of these are never never never true. You are to young for nothing in the world . It never is too early to start saving, planning, scheming, selling, promoting, buying,or moving or being responsible for your life.

You are not to old to do the same. Believe me it takes a few minutes to realize a wrong turn, correct the wheel and start going in the right direction.

My son was a tremendous encouragement to me today. He spoke these words to me and though it was humiliating to be on the receiving side of wisdom from my own child and I would have much rather have been doling them out to him, I did receive them as from the hand of God himself . Humility is a bitter pill at my age but then again it is better to take that pill than keep on living in make believe.

I am not too old and he is not too young.

Everything is just right. And the only time that matters right now is right now!

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