the zone

when someone is in the zone they lose all awareness of themselves and are totally absorbed in what they  are doing. And you are doing it better than you ever have and it seems to be flowing from somewhere else so it is totally effortless.
To get in the zone you have to do all the work of being not in the zone. That is the frustrating thing.
It doesn’t feel like you will ever be in the zone and not only that you feel like the most untalented person on earth. But you remember what it does feel like when you fall into the zone so you plug away. hoping that you will fall down that hole to bliss.
The only way to fall is to keep walking the minefield . Don’t stop moving. staying put you will never find it.
Movement is the main key. Don’t quit and run away scared/ Keep moving. slogging through the muck/.
Right now I am all mucked up but that is ok. I know it is just a matter of time and the pay off is such a euphoric joy that it is worth every last tear, penny, drop of blood, hour of pain that you have to go through. Nothing is even close to how great this feels.

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