What does it mean?

When you are blessed to have sold a lot of paintings in one day what is one to think. That you are great, or popular or important. It is very hard to look at myself and say any of those things.

All I know is I love what I do and maybe it shows. That is all I know or care about. The rest is superfluous but that said it is so nice to have a good day in the gallery.

I told everyone, not to brag but to just share. If something good happens you should share. Now I will be able to pay my poor hard working webmaster and a few other people that have helped me along. What selling does is give you freedom to paint more and give more and not be all concerned if you are going to die or something.

Selling a lot is like going to a surprise party. You did not know it would happen. But when you get there you are so glad it did. Surprise and delight that is what selling a lot in one day is like. I wish the same for you and you and you so much that I can taste it. I want all artists to be able to get the blessings of sales.

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