what you don’t know

I told you a story about a cartoonist that would absolutely panic after finishing a cartoon. He would think that there were no more cartoons in him. He had no idea what was next. Well that is what it is like being an artist. You do get this sense of dread at a blank canvas. You don’t want to do the same thing you just did. But it should look similar but not too similar. It has to be fresh but not too fresh. or weird. or ugly or bizarre.

But that is the nature of the beast, you have to die every time you do anything creative. You die and it lives. It is more powerful than you and smarter than you and way way way more creative than you. IT is the process, it is available to anyone who bothers to throw themselves down the stairs and let “IT” go.  If you don’t do this you can do nothing. The biggest thing is remember remember remember, It is not you. You are only doing it. You are just there.

Does this sound hard to get? Well that is because I am talking about “IT” You cant talk about “It” you can only experience it. It is what I wait for all day/ everyday.

I am an artist. and if you call yourself that then you know exactly what I mean.

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