Wild ideas

What makes an idea “Wild”. Usually people say “That is a wild idea.” when they mean it is a stupid idea that is a waste of time.
That is why people who have these sorts of ideas do not always say them out loud when they get them. Fear of Ridicule.
That is why I love brainstorming. It is a ridicule free zone when you can say”Hey I know this sounds really different but here it is.”
You might be the missing link for someone else who was thinking the same thing put not quite. Not quite is just one step away form just right.
Revolutions were started with a wild idea.
We are not static. We should always grow and that is where wild ideas need to be.
I have words for wild// bold courageous and innovative daring,brilliant important and necessary.
Why not think in those lines the next time you get a “wild idea”
Every idea is worth at least exploring and mining for diamonds.

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