When I was 20 I had an exercise book. One thing that impressed me was the page on 40 years old. It had a drawing of what you would look like at age 40 if you did not gain any extra weight but just did not
exercise every day.
And then it showed the same body at age 40 with working out.
Just the toll of gravity was enough to make you sick.
This was a great example of not only a body but a mind.
We never do nothing. WE are always sliding downhill if we stop pushing back.
Push ups are hard and even harder for women as we do not naturally have great upper body strength. But they are our best friend. They push up more than your falling down body, they push up your mind too. I dread doing them in the middle of strength training. I look at the clock and think oh no only 5 more minutes and we have to do push ups.
But I can do 13 now without stopping . That might not seem like a lot but by goal is 50 and I want to be able to do that by January.
That clock is going by whether I do them or not so I might as well push back and try with everything I have.
At lease I have more than I did when I started 5 months ago.
Your mind follows your body so pushing your body will automatically push everything else too.
It is the engine.

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