If I could go back in time knowing what I know now

One thing I would do is try more things while I could. Teenagers are so ripe with possibilities that they do not take advantage of. In a perfect world I would not have to go to school which takes up a huge amount of time. I love the fact that homeschool frees your days up quite a bit in that direction.

I think of the N. C, Wyeth. He was a famous illustrator who had a several kids. He and his wife raised them in a unique way in a remote area in Maine. They were were schooled at home and were given free reign to pursue their dreams at an early age. They lived the ultimate creative life and the result was all the kids turned out amazing.
In this day and age, not enough time is devoted to exploration of who you are when you are young.

Here you have an opportunity to not have to support yourself full time so you can try everything out and see what clicks. I would start a career in art out at the earliest age possible.  As soon as you pick that I would paint and draw all the time and hone skills. I would go to museums and read art books all the time. I would read about artists. I would try and sell work immediately. I would write a book on how to be an artist when I am only a kid. Those years when you are supported by your parents are the best years you have for free exploration. I would not waste time with mundane things like doing what is popular. I would find a mentor and try out a business plan to sell my work. I would find other people who are interested in what I love and hang out with them. I would read a blog that says you can be an artist right now and you do not have to wait to grow up.

I would go to creativity groups and do whatever they say to do. If you did all this you would be lightyears ahead of most teenagers who do not.

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