If what-you-see-is-what-you-get, then you’d better be putting some great things in your view. I can make a concerted effort to only see the good in others and hardest of all myself.  If i spend all my time bemoaning how far I am away from where I want to be two things happen: I don’t enjoy the journey, and I get discouraged. Oh brother, what a waste of time.

I am actually sabotaging myself, without even knowing it. If you start down the”I don’t know if this will work out” path, everything starts snowballing. Not only that , but the snowball gets going so fast that before you know it you block out all the other possibilities that exist right now and start moaning about there not being any. When, in fact, yes there are other things you can do.

If I know this, how can I know it without having to remember it and think about it? How can I make it second nature or even first nature?? I am going to give myself a visual that will be my mantra . Every time I look at my ring on my finger I will make that the memory ring. It will be my power ring. Don’t you want a power ring? Its more than a ring, it is a ring of roses a ring of reasons and a ring of remember this thought.

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