I got a comment on my blog from someone who said that blogging was like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum. Well I tend to disagree. I think it is just the oppposite.

The thinking process that is lightening fast in your head , that never is quiet, that is constantly changing and growing or shrinking but never stagnant is like being in an insane asylum. Blogging makes you bring out the voices and look at them and use them and organize them to make sense. Putting dreams on the mirror of the computer screen is helpful and sobering.

It is like a business plan for your life. Write it down, weigh the pros and cons, examine the pitfalls of going this way or that.

As I have mentioned here several times, writing down ideas is paramount to three things. a. getting more ideas, b. calming down the raging storm of excitement, and  being rational for a few minutes.

In my world rational is sort of the bane of my existance. I hate being rational because rational means somewhere someone is going to say no to what I want to do so  I avoid it. I like to think everything is possible all the time.

But this belief has gotten me pretty far.

The only part of rational I like is when it stops me from going too far and doing damage in any way. You want damage control in your life.

That is why i go to super conservative church. It grounds me and helps prevent damage.

Its a good combo.

Doing Something Foreign

I got this commission once to do some portraits of three cats. I don’t do cats but the client said he really liked my style so I said ok. It turned out to be a very fun project for me. I don’t even know any cats that I like so it was pretty funny trying to paint a kitty soul. And a kitty personality just by looking at a snapshot.

I had to make something up about the cat that could or may not have been true. I had to relate to them. After I finished the paintings I sent off the images and the client loved them. He said it felt just like the cats were. He wondered how I got so much info from a little snapshot. I didn’t. He found what he was looking for because he was projecting what he knew on what he saw. He made it be true.

We do that to everything all day long. That is why when we get to a foreign country we will see people that look just like people we know from home. they really don’t but we make it so in our minds for comfort. A painter will look for something to relate to all day long in the studio. That is why it makes us feel sort of sick when we can’t find it. Once we do find that look we can feel better and relieved. When somebody buys a work of art they are remembering something that makes them feel good and they are compelled to buy it. A certain style of work may be more accessible to that feeling than another.  That is why we do everything. It makes us feel better.  I think this applies straight across the board.

kitty photo by this guy

Another Country

Why is another country so different in feeling than the one you came from?  It is probably because of the infinity factor. Every person is unique and all the habits we acquire are unique too and so add that all together and you get a group of people that are around you that totally influence you and that group develops a group think and thus a culture is born.

It is good to go travel and get a fresh perspective on how many ways there are to do things. You might not have thought of something because you are thinking down the same old paths. new paths are great. You stay yourself, but it adds a new dimension to your work.


I saw a movie last night called Exit through the Gift Shop. What  a revelation. It is about this guy who films street artists but does not make movies. He just films them and puts the tapes in a box.

He starts making street art from blown up copies of drawings at Kinkos . The Street artists have a show and it is a big hit in Los Angeles.  He basicalls copies them but does not do any of the actual art. He just alters famous art with spray paint and has a big big show that is totally self promoted. He makes a million dollars and becomes and overnight (literally) sensation. He sells his altered prints for 24 thousand dollars. He does not even make the work. He hires people to do it for him. He calls himself Mr. Brainwash.

This really happened and they were selling his stuff at Sothebys. This really happened.

If there are no rules in art then anyone can make it and you can never say what is art and what is not. There does not have to be a  true connection with anything. It is like the Emperor has no clothes.

Whatever you can talk someone into believing is art then it is art. This movie totally illustrates that fact.

This is a commentary on life too. No rules or rules that are fluid then you have utter nonsense.

this movie made me sick  and it opened my eyes to the dangers of no rules. Anarchy is death of all that is good. Good has rules and is real.

It is like heaven and hell. This movie was about heaven and hell. People believe a lie and pay gobs of money for it and propagate it. Mr. Brainwash. He is like Satan. He is brainwashed too. Just because you make money does not validate you.

Go see this movie and see how the world is now.