the process

People say to me all the time” It must be so fun to be an artist. You get to do what you love all day long.” I cannot tell you how many time I have heard that very phrase, I guess it all depends what fun is.

If fun means being tortured till you find what the painting wants and then feeling euphoric for about 10 minutes till you start the next painting and start all over, then yes it is fun. If fun means being terrified that you will have no new ideas and the fountain is truly dried up and you are never going to be able to get that next show done- then yes, it is fun.

The payoff is when you get a new one done and it is gorgeous and it is way way better than you know how to paint and it sings to you in your deepest heart. So I would liken being an artist to giving birth over and over and over again. It never gets easier just because you have 500 paintings done. There is no easy path. This painting Red Bird took me three weeks to finish. It consumed me night and day for three weeks but it is so beautiful now that it is done and it radiates like beacon of life. Can you feel what it took to birth this painting when you look at it. She cost me everything but she was worth it.


The reality is Reality is the only non changeable thing about everything. We are stuck with truth and cannot change it no matter how we try. But we can understand that reality only a brick wall when we are looking at only one reality. Another reality exists at the same time but we just have to see it . Take a huge basic truth. You cannot fly with your body alone. Well we are aware of that but they are ways to get around that if you dont just rely on your arms flapping to do it.

Every problem has two realities. One that is obvious and one not so obvious. A creative type person will look for ways around things by looking at the problem from different angles. I will believe it when I see it person will only look at most things from one angle. Lets say you have no job and are pretty old and as far as you see nobody is hiring you.  There is another thing you can do besides start your own business. You can work for free to prove how valuable you are just like a young apprentice might. Employers might be looking at your age and stopping there. If you are clever and prove how much you have to offer they will change their mind.

You have to change their reality too. At least you wont be needing to go on maternity leave like young people might. You have experience and view points that might be just what they need to stabilize a business.


Everything in life is really marketing. Buy and sell everything. Even if you are a non profit you still have to market your idea. Every idea in the whole world needs a market to survive.

This blog is a market. The thing I am marketing is my life. I am selling you my whole experience and in return what you pay me is space. I need space to think and I need a sounding board and that is what you are to me. If you glean something, then good. I hope you do and I am not wasting your time. When I write to you I am thinking and looking at the thoughts written down so I can see them better. If someone responds then it is even better as I have more thoughts to add on.

It is a fun practice to think of everything as marketing because you can make sure you are giving something valuable to life and make sure you are getting something valuable back. It should be a win win thing here.  If every word that you hear is out on the market then you can choose to buy wisely. Or not.

This is a proactive way to looking at everything. It is also a great way to evaluate if what you are giving is good too. You don’t want to be a bad value for the princely price of someone else s life do you? What are you marketing today, right now, right here???? Think about it.

photo by wolf 359

A golden spiderweb

A new idea, a creative idea, a bold idea is like a golden spiderweb. Saying yes to the new idea is like making the golden spiderweb get tensile strength. Saying yes again and again to the spiderweb is like making it able to hold an elephant. And that is what the web has to do, hold an elephant.

Saying no to a new idea because of any number of reasons that seem perfectly logical is like ripping it down so that there is no more golden beautiful spiderweb. Your creative ideas are that delicate at first. Everything in your logical mind will want to destroy it because the logical side cannot see the unconscious side. It has no clue what is going on there. Until you can make your logical side shut up you cannot access the other side.

NO is shutting it up and slamming the door and putting a lock on that door. When the door is the door to freedom and wonder and new ways of solving problems. It is easy to say no, It is supposedly safe and wise and strong. No is a cement club slamming down your dream.

You might think, “well, I will avoid a lot of pain if I stop this idea from even incubating. ” that is why we say no to anything. When it comes to new and creative ideas you may get, try saying yes and you will find the power of yes is the only way to get that life you want started.If you love your job and life then guess what , you will benefit everyone around you. They will also reap the fruit of your dream.